Introduction to GoDaddy domain

GoDaddy is a very popular name in domain and it is the largest registrar of domain name in the world. If you want to create your own website or blog you should get your own domain name as it is highly essential for the proper functioning of your business. If you think it would take some time to start your own website you can secure your domain name to ensure that nobody can purchase it. According to the market it is more likely that you will be offered similar domains at fewer prices when you buy a domain name for the first time. If you buy different domain names together you can save money and if you buy a single domain name it will cost you more money.

When you buy a domain name it belongs to you for the amount of time you have made the payment for. Once that time is over you are required to renew it in order to continue with the registration of your domain name. You should keep in mind that the cost of renewal is more than the cost of purchase of your domain name. Ideally you should register your domain name for at least two years which will help you to save descent amount of money. The prices of domain name can be seen having great variations. You can get a domain name for as low as 99 cent to $10 for a year and you can also get a domain name at $50 to 150 a year. You can make the optimum use of GoDaddy promo codes for promoting your domain in the best possible manner using offers available on

Here we will talk about the ways of selling a GoDaddy domain. In order to use the premium domain name auction of GoDaddy you have to pay a signing fee of $4.99/year. In order to sell your domain name there should be good number of potential buyers who know about your domain name for sale .If the number of such buyers is more than the chances of selling your domain name are also in plenty.

The procedure for listing domain names on GoDaddy from the domain manager i as follows

Godaddy Domains

Godaddy Domains

First of all you need to login to your GoDaddy account. You can see the ‘Domains’ button on your screen which also has the button which says ‘Manage’. Now you have to select ‘GoDaddy Auctions listings’ from the menu of ‘Buy and Sell’. You can select the domain name which you want to list and the click on ‘List for sale’.

After this you have to enter your email account which is linked to your PayPal account. Following this you need to go through the category, sub category, Auction type and Starting bid. Go to the terms and conditions and finally click twice on ‘OK’.

Reasons for listing with GoDaddy


GoDaddy has more traffic and domain name than any other business of domain name. GoDaddy is way ahead of its competitors as far as the world of domain is concerned.


People trust GoDaddy and the credit for this trust goes to the incredible way of advertising of GoDaddy. An average person would be ware of GoDaddy and he may not know about any other company. When you are in the market to sell something you need to gain trust of the buyer.


If your domain is at GoDaddy and also your buyer is at GoDaddy it is very much likely that this deal would materialise within no time. It is very commonly seen that you have to wait for escrow accounts and transfer. If your domain name is at GoDaddy and the buyer also uses GoDaddy the process becomes effortless and quick. In addition the buyers do not have to bother about registering, creating or verifying the accounts unlike most of the market places.

The only negative of working with GoDaddy for your domain name is that you have to pay 30% as commission. However you it pays to sell your domain at GoDaddy as you can avail Super bowl advertising and nascar race promotions. All this increases the sale of your domain.

Tips to help you sell your domain

• You can offer to build a website for prospects on the domain name once they are able to get hosting from it. You can also create a Word Press website within no time or can use a free template.
• You can get the idea about the value of domain by looking for the amount of traffic and also how much traffic would cost in a month by the use of Ad words or cost per click for business.
• You can also create a buzz about the domain name which you want to sell. This could be done on forums related to the name. You should be able to explain about the price tag and you should also ensure that you provide some value to visitors and it should not be like any other sales pitch.
You can make the best use of GoDaddy coupon codes in selling your domain and this would give you good discounts as well.