Buying the domain name

If you want to buy a domain name it is very important for you to know about the lifecycle of domain name. If we talk about the life cycle of a domain name it starts with the process of registration. If you have a sound knowledge of domain name lifecycle you will be able to safeguard your investment and also escape from the trouble caused by the expiration of your domain name.

The registration of domain name is done for a fixed period. This could be from one year to ten years. This is not taken by people in the right way as they are under the impression that they can actually buy these domain names and own them for the rest of their life. However the truth is that you can only get these domain names for a fixed period of registration and following which it would be given to other people for registration. You get avail many good options of buying domain name by using coupon codes.

Understanding the lifecycle of domain name

The lifecycle of domain name involves many stages:
Domain Lifecycle

Domain names those are available

This is the initial stage where the domain name is available for the public to get the registration done. The maximum period for registration is 10 years. In case you are looking for affordable domain registrar you can visit Go Daddy .com. You can use GoDaddy 99 cent coupon for this purpose where you can get a new domain for just 99 cent.

Registered period

Once you are through with the registration of your domain name it becomes active. It will remain in this stage for 60 days and after this you can also transfer it to any other use if you like.

Expiration period

In case your domain period has expired you get a grace period of 24 hours. In this case your domain name would be put on hold by the registrar and you cannot use your email and website address.

Grace period

The grace period is valid for 30 days. You can claim your ownership within this period but you should know that this process will cost you good amount of money.

Awaiting period of deletion

If you are not able to reclaim your ownership of your domain name it goes in to the process of awaiting deletion period. The duration of this period is 5 days. The worst part of this period is that you cannot reclaim ownership of your domain and you also cannot do anything for the prevention of deletion.